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 Sniper Tournament

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PostSubject: Sniper Tournament   Sniper Tournament EmptyWed Oct 05, 2011 12:41 pm

Sniper Tournament at |SAS|Gaming Community.

Hello, we are hosting a sniper tournament on our sniper server. A search engine for "sniper scrim team" brought me here. The challenge takes place on the 22nd of October at 8:00 AM PST (west coast). I am hoping to get 4 clans in the tournament. The winning team will go on our Sniper Hall of Fame page, receive VIP admin level status, and bragging rights. I plan on making the Hall of Fame roster a widget, so any forum can add it to their own.

There will be 4 man teams, the server will be last man standing, forced cvars, punkbuster, realistic sniper rifles, full skills on entry, and 2 referees. Most likely SAS will only host, unless there are not enough teams.

If anyone is interested, visit SupremeClan.com and PM "GuNer". Feel free to invite other clans, friend or foe, but they need to contact me also.
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Sniper Tournament
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