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 Greetings from EliteArmy.

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Greetings from EliteArmy. Empty
PostSubject: Greetings from EliteArmy.   Greetings from EliteArmy. EmptySat Jul 31, 2010 6:36 am

Dear SwF members,

I'll first of all introduce myself : Uroz, EliteArmy's technician (sys- & sec-administrator).
I'm reporting some of your members were recently playing a little bit too much with useless scripts.

Today, I've spotted 2 guys attempting to spoof the clan owner's GUID.

There was :

  • >SwF<Dev!l , who appears to be from Finland. He took the name of our Founding Father l0lm3n and his GUID and went with it on TrickJump.
  • GRinCh.?[GoW][Mr] ,from Georgia. Who doesn't seems to be an SwF but is without any doubt someone your clanmate Dev!l knows. He has been taking Hunter's identity.

I'd like to note this ain't the first time I've been encountering SwF members trying to cause trouble on EliteArmy.
Should anything bad happen again with SwF, I'd suggest you to watch the clan's back.
While hoping you will remember my words well, I wish SwF to be successful in the future.


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Greetings from EliteArmy. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Greetings from EliteArmy.   Greetings from EliteArmy. EmptyMon Aug 02, 2010 2:12 am

Dear Uroz
I introduce myself too, i was the co owner of this former clan.
Today, it has disappeared, we can't be responsible for some guys who are acting badly with tags of a dead clan.
Moreover, devil acts like a morron, just make an autoban with his name like surely you do with www.adawolfa.com.
Last thing, last day, we receive the visit of a guy from EA (EA|Priss) in our new FW clanserver, he came, hacked, demoted, banned, all the stuff.
It's the same anywhere, don't think that it's just because SwF had smthg against EA, cause it wasn't the case.
Great Regards to EA
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Greetings from EliteArmy.
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