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Archi Empty
PostSubject: Archi   Archi EmptySun Jul 04, 2010 4:06 am

Hey guys, girls,

most of me know me yet from ingame and can skip this shit!Very Happy
the ones who don't, read on...

My real name is Michael, I'm from Belgium(Antwerp).
Like you can see in the topic title my ingame name is Archi.
I got like 3/4 years game experience and like to play on the >SwF<No Download nowadays.
I had several servers myself, so I know how to make server cfg's packages and so on.
Atm i'm making a menu for this clan.
I play tennis, and like rock music.
If you got questions and you think I can help you, just ask it.
My xfire is Archimedes2 and my msn is michietje007@hotmail.com.
What can I say else...
I'm 18 years old, studying computer sience at University Antwerp,
just finished my first year ^^
Well, I hope to see you all ingame Wink

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