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 -FyNNy topic :PPPPP

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-FyNNy topic :PPPPP Empty
PostSubject: -FyNNy topic :PPPPP   -FyNNy topic :PPPPP EmptySun Jun 06, 2010 7:34 am

Real Name :panu
Age :16
Country :finland
In-Game Name :-fuNNy-
Steam :-
Xfire :busteed88
Skype (voice chat program) :-
Microphone/Headset :-
MSN :nappi_95@hotmail.com
How long do you play FPS(First Person Shooter) games? :about 4hours in days
How long you play ET? :hmm 3
Do you got any hobby's? :ice hockey
*Are you allready in clan? :no
Found us how? : i like that clan Smile
Could you donate us? (with a server is good 2) :i like only beginners server
Anything More? : im pro!!!!!!!!1 Razz
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-FyNNy topic :PPPPP Empty
PostSubject: Re: -FyNNy topic :PPPPP   -FyNNy topic :PPPPP EmptyMon Jun 07, 2010 9:52 am

ye m8 u arent bad at all Smile

play some more on the server and try to be active. Get 2k xp and tell me then i recruit u oke?
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-FyNNy topic :PPPPP
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